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Polson & Kalispell Tour

Experience the perfect getaway in the northwest of Montana


Polson & Kalispell, Montana





Tour Highlights

  • Go on a sunset cruise on Flathead Lake
  • Visit the largest smokejumper base in the United States
  • Visit the Conrad Mansion Museum, Central School Museum and the Hockaday Museum of Art


Join us as we take you to Polson and Kalispell on this sight-seeing, casino and shopping tour. This is a fantastic, 4 day and 3 night trip. On this tour, we will get to explore the wonderful cities of Kalispell and Polson, where you will get to experience history from a variety of museums, relax at Flathead lake, and shop at the many stores and malls offered.

Stay at the KwaTaqNuk Resort & Casino, where we will go on a sunset cruse and learn about the rich history of Polson. Among the many other activities offered on this trip are a visit to the Smokejumper Visitor Center in Missoula, Montana, home to the largest smokejumper base in the country, and Kalispell’s Center Mall that offers 45 shops and eateries.



 Day One:  Go to Polson down through scenic Glacier National Park. At Polson, we will go to the KwaTaqNuk Resort & Casino on Flathead Lake, explore local breweries and local museums.

Day Two: Start with a hearty breakfast and go on a one-hour drive to the Wolf Peak casino, the largest in Montana. For sightseers, we will go on a guided tour of the garden of a thousand buddhas, and to a tour of St. Ignatius Mission. 

Day Three: Start with breakfast and explore Flathead Lake. Shop at the many stores in Polson and we will go on a tour of the Conrad Mansion Museum. Back at the hotel, we will get refreshments and then go explore downtown Kalispell.



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