Inbound & Local Day Trips

Explore the rich culture & history of Alberta

Our inbound & local day trips give you the opportunity to explore hidden treasures located in our own back yard!
In 2022, we will be offering a variety of day trips including:
  • Lacombe Cow Patti Theatre 
  • Rosebud Theatre
  • Craft Brewery Tours
  • Berry Farms
  • Pasu Farms
  • Heritage Sites
  • Mystery Tours
  • Banff
  • And More!

Cow Patti Presents - Danny & delilah



Wed. Mar. 14, 2023



Cow Patti Is Alberta Entertainment Done Right

Stop by the Cow Patti Theatre Company barn and take in professional comedy dinner theatre performances. Watch your Step!

Cow Patti Theatre Company presents

Meet Danny: a grumpy old Toronto Maple Leaf Fan, Sherry: his grown daughter still living at home but desperately looking for love, Delilah: a high school student about to graduate and needing a place to stay, and Muriel: the next-door neighbor vying for some sexy shenanigan with Danny. The outcome? A generational and cultural connection which offers an eye-opening experience resulting in an abundance of laugh out loud and heart-warming moments.


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