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Cathy and Sandy met in November 1995 and married in June 1997.  Being passionate about people and travel, they purchased Life Time Highs in 2016.  They have traveled extensively throughout Canada, Russia, Estonia, Finland, Mexico, the United States, St. Lucia, Thailand, Malaysia, Spain, Portugal and Singapore; making them experts in the industry and the perfect tour guides for those wanting to make unforgettable memories.

LTH Tour Directors: 

Responsible for on the road logistics, confirmations ahead of arrivals (hotels, meals, rest stops, side trips and tour guides), planning, unexpected delays, damage control, and group dynamics. We travel with the group for the entire tour and can be away from home for 3 or 4 days to weeks at a time, depending on the tour. During a tour we are available 24/7.

We travel with the group but while you are eating lunch, we are gobbling a quick bite while confirming the next stop, dealing with a guest who has broken their glasses or left medication in the last hotel. In the evening, when you are retiring for the day, your tour director is checking on the bus, listing recommendations for changes and confirming the next day’s routing with the driver, going to the hospital with a client, all while constantly checking with suppliers to make sure everything is on track as well as keeping guests happy.

We provide patience, flexibility, compassion and a sense of humor and the ability to think on our feet; when travelling the unexpected can and does often occur! When someone gets sick, the bus breaks down or weather forces us to make a change in the itinerary decisions are made quickly.


Cathy of Life Time Highs

Cathy Munro

Cathy was born in Grande Prairie, lived in a number of Alberta towns and finished high school in Lethbridge. She graduated from Business at SAIT while working at several retail jobs usually ending up in management. Her professional working career was at Telus in business and in customer service. She brings her passion for social activities and travel into Life Time Highs. Most importantly she is the light and joy of Sandy’s life!

Sandy Munro

Sandy was born 300 miles north of Yellowknife in Kugluktuk (Coppermine). He has a forest technology diploma, commercial pilot’s license, worked in a coal mine, for the Forest Service, and was an Air Attack Officer. Following that, he ventured off to learn about the world of data acquisition and automation in the oil and gas industry. Sandy volunteers with his local community association as a board member and served as President of his hockey association.


A big part of our goal is to give back through Life Time Highs.  We are proud to let you know a proportion of your trip cost goes to sponsor two children and their education through Chalice, where sponsorship gives children the support needed to overcome obstacles so they can attend and stay in school, and allows families to provide nutritious food and better care for their children.

We give back through Chalice who work in impoverished communities to help families overcome the cycle of poverty.  Education is the foremost important step in breaking the cycle.  Too often, children must skip class or drop out of school to carry water, care for siblings, or earn money for their families.


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