Before you embark on you Life Time Highs Tour please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions, you’ll be glad you did.

LIfe time highs terms and conditions

General INformation

Life Time Highs acts solely as the organizer and host of the tours as outlined and is responsible for making all reservations and charting the routes with respect to destinations and itinerary as outlined but it is expressly understood and agreed by our cliets and passengers that Life Time Highs shall not be held responsible for: 
In order to provide a credit card online system Life Time Highs provides through our web site or direct connection to a credit card service through Secure SSL link.  You warrant Life Time Highs Corp. that you are fully authorized to use the credit card details for the purpose of online transactions.  Life Time Highs is under no obligation to provide the tour package to you until the credit card provider authorizes the transaction.  You indemnify Life Time Hghs Corp, its employees, contractors and agents against any loss costs or damage that they may suffer as a result of your brach of any of these terms and conditions..
The tour package prices do not include travel insurance.  Life Time Highs is not responsible for any accidents or health card costs occurred on or during the tour.  We strongly recommend that you make suitable travel insurance arrangements to cover (as a minimum) the costs incurred if you must cancel your trip or require emergency medical assistance, including repatriation, in the vent of an accident or illness whilst traveling domestically or internationally.
It is your responsibility to ensure the insurance you purchase is suitable and adequate for your particular needs.  It is your responsibility to comply with th einsurance company’s requirements and your duty to disclose to the insurance company of all relevant information.  e.g. pre-existing illnesses
Although not anticipated, prices are subject to change.  We strive to maintain all tour pricing but changes may be caused by significant fluctuation in currency rates, fuel surcharges, foreign country taxes, fees and other surcharges. Tour Prices are quoted in Canadian Dollars and are subject to change. Deposit and Payments and due dates vary depending on the tour. Casino packages, and any advertised events and attractions are subject to change without notice.

Travel Documentation

You require a passport to enter the United States as well as many other countries.  Please allow adequate time for your visa application to be processed before your date of travel.  Non-Canadian citizens are required to have the appropriate documents (travel visa) to enter the United States prior to the day of travel.  Please check with your consulate for accurate and timely information on required documentation. Identification is required for all trips and it is your responsibility to obtain and carry the proper documentation. 
Citizens of other countries or landed immigrants, please check with the appropriate foreign consulate for entry requirements.  Life Time Highs Tours is not responsible and will not refund tour fees if a passenger(s) is denied access at the border for any reason. If a passenger(s) is refused entry or detained at the border, the passenger(s) will be responsible for finding transportation home at their own expense.
Some facilities and tour destinations require valid government issued identification.  PLEASE ensure your driver’s license or other valid government identification you wish to use has current dates and addresses.  Some casinos, for example, may prohibit issuance of players cards to casino participants due to requirements set forth by the local municipality, province or state or country legislation.  This identification can also help when obtaining medical aid.


Life Time Highs will not be liable for any losses, claims, damages, accidents, injuries, costs, expenses, delays or loss of enjoyment of any nature or kind whatsoever to you or your traveling companions, or group members resulting from events beyond our or a supplier’s reasonable control, including but not limited to: acts of God, weather conditions, floods, earthquakes, strikes, lockouts, or other labor disputes or disruptions, wars, terrorism, riots, or acts or restraints imposed by government authorities owing to a force major. This includes but is not limited to:
  1. Any costs including other travel arrangements incurred by passengers missing their departure. 
  2. Passengers who, when traveling with Life Time Highs fall ill, become hospitalized or injured during their tour and / or miss their departure: any cost or other travel arrangements or accommodations incurred by the hospitalized or ill tour passenger or any tour passenger that stays behind with the ill, hospitalized or injured passenger.
  3. Any delays, missed connections, loss, damage or injury to persons or property or for any substitution of carriage equipment beyond the control of Life Time Highs, or for any additional expense occasioned thereby. 
  4. For cancellations that occur due to reasons beyond our control, passengers will not make claim for lost time, lost wages, travel time, fuel consumption or any other cost that may have been incurred by the passenger due to trip cancellation.
  5.  Lost, misplaced or stolen articles, luggage, clothing or any other personal belongings.  Please tag your luggage well, indicating your contact information clearly.
  6.  Non-performance on the part of any hotel, restaurant, theater or other service for any act or omission that cannot be clearly directly attributed to the neglect of the tour organizer.
  7.  The passenger , and if under 18 the guardian/parent, indemnifies Life Time Highs, its employees, agents and other representatives, from all costs, damage, loss, and injury or loss of life related to the tour package, or any activity associated with the tour package.
  8.  Any additional costs incurred or ancillary loss sustained as a result of cancellations or delays of tours caused by inclement weather conditions, acts of God, or any other event, which results in one or more persons being unable to continue or fault of the organizer;
  • In the case of severe weather conditions, road closures or reasons beyond our control whereas Life Time Highs may not be able to travel safely, departure times may be canceled or delayed.  If this should occur, every effort will be made to inform passengers of such changes and be provided with any information regarding the new departure times, schedule changes or cancellation.  If any delay requires an overnight stay and additional accommodations  not included in the original package or additional meals are required, the cost of such items will be the sole responsibility of the tour passenger(s).
  • Life Time Highs will not be responsible for transportation or any accommodations or other expenses for those passengers who do no travel with Life Time Highs when the motorcoaches are able to operate.

additional items

Life Time Highs works hard to provide satisfaction to each and every client and therefore reserves the right to decline any person as a member of the tour at any time before or during the tour, should such person’s presence be considered detrimental to the interest, comfort and enjoyment of the other tour members.  Life Time Highs has a zero tolerance towards disrepectful, belligerent conduct and in the occurrence of such event, the passenger(s) will be removed from the tour.  Subsequently there will be no refund issued and the passenger(s) must arrange their own transportation and travel arrangements at their own expense. Life Time Highs Corp., its agents and all passengers agree that the conditions set out herein are part of the terms between passengers and Life Time Highs.
All tour itineraries are subject to change without prior notice.  Life Time Highs reserves the right to make any changes before or during the tour for the safety, comfort and enjoyment of the passengers and it is agreed and understood that for any increase in costs occasioned by such change shall be paid for by the passengers or any decrease in costs occasioned by the change shall be refunded to the passenger.
The passengers expressly agree to pay the tour organizer (Life Time Highs) such additional sums as may result from any changes to the appropriate currency exchange rate.
Life Time Highs Tours and its employees reserve the right to take photographs which may be used for promotions and advertising, online and in print. By making a reservation with Life Time Highs Tours, we assume you have granted us the right to use your image without compensation. If you prefer your image not to be used, please notify us in writing on the first day of your tour.
Life Time Highs Tours disallows any person on any tour from the consumption of cannabis in any form while actively involved in tour activities, including riding on a tour bus. This policy applies equally to leisure or medicinal use, even if the person in question has a valid prescription.
The US Border authorities advise us that persons carrying Cannabis or Cannabis products, in any form across their borders will receive a lifetime ban from entering the United States. Additionally, persons who have used any Cannabis products, even for Medicinal reasons; persons who are employed by a Cannabis producer or distribution company; OR persons who own shares or investments in Cannabis producing companies are all not eligible for entry in the United States and may also face a lifetime ban from entering the United States.


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