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Explore the wonders of Winnipeg and Folklorama on the perfect trip for every Canadian


Winnipeg, MB




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Tour Highlights

  • Two exclusive tour packages to choose from
  • Special VIP tour of Folklorama with 8 shows
  • Explore the Forks District
  • # casinos


Known for its friendly and welcoming spirit, Winnipeg is a diverse multicultural city with a rich and varied history. As an aboriginal trading centre, Winnipeg was at the heart of the country’s fur trade and instrumental in developing Canada’s gateway to the west, making the city rich in history and culture.  Over the last decades, Winnipeg has developed into a cosmopolitan city complete with top-notch restaurants, swanky boutiques, exciting casinos and a vibrant arts and culture scene. So, whether you are looking for a vacation filled with Casinos and nightlife or for a more adventurous and cultural trip, we have the right package for you.

Our Player Package gives you access to the Regent, Sharks and McPhillip casino, where you will get to enjoyed nights filled with bingo and other exciting activities.

Our Adventure Package takes you on a three-hour tour filled with culture and history, including visits to the Burton Cummings Theatre and the St. Boniface French quarters.


Day One: Departure from Calgary to Regina. Stay at the Downtown Delta hotel and spend the evening enjoying the Regina Casino or the Cornwall Mall.

Day Two: Departure from Regina to Winnipeg. Stay at the CANAD Inn, which is attached to the Regent Casino.

Day Three – Five Winnipeg: Go on a VIP tour of Folklorama for three evenings

Day Six: Departure back to Calgary.

Tour Includes:

Regina Casino Package, 2 breakfasts,  visit to Forks Market, $15 / day while in Winnipeg to spend as you like, Folklorama Packages including 8 Shows over three days


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